Brigger Family Benefit

On December 5th, 2015, the Sacramento Poorboys raised over $5,000.00 in donations for this active duty Military Family.
The parking was blocked off for a free cruise in car show. Food was also sold by Mark’s Sports Bar & Grill with proceeds going to the Brigger Family.  In addition to the amazing entertainment lineup, there were raffle prices. 

The Brigger family lives on Travis base, as Cory is active duty US Air Force. India is a stay-at-home mom who devotes every moment to her special needs children. With only one income, it becomes difficult to keep up with expenses that insurance doesn’t cover (the cost of living, eating and transport).

Hallie is a bright beautiful little girl, who loves to play, sing, dance and most of all, adores her little brother Carter. Luckily, Hallie’s kidneys are still functioning but not at a high percentage. Doctors monitor her closely, but thank God so far, she is doing super! With her kidneys being so large, it makes it difficult for her to eat and gain weight. Thankfully, her parents try their hardest to keep her healthy and happy!

Carter, on the other hand, hasn’t done well since birth. He was born on May 20th, and by August 2013 his kidneys had grown so large it had become a danger for him since they were not functioning properly.
He had nephrectomy (the removal of both kidneys) on August 16th, 2013.
Carter had since been in dialysis every day and his feeding changed from an NG tube (a feeding tube in nose) to a G/J tube (a feeding tube in his stomach). He recently received a kidney but has long road ahead of him.
In his short 2 years of life, Carter has undergone no less than 8 surgeries with his family right by his side.